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Wear a mask, help fight Covid-19, stop coronavirus - Atlas All Access 124

Wear a mask. Save a life.

It's frustrating to us to see basic science, not to mention healthcare, be turned into a political statement. This is not about that. What we do want to focus on is the importance of wearing a mask. There's a lot of false information out there. So let's go over the facts. What's the truth behind wearing a mask? We've worked with thousands of nurses, techs, therapists, and healthcare professionals around the country, we regularly talk with some of the biggest names in the healthcare industry and some of the most recognized medical facilities in the country — and they all say you should wear a mask. Healthcare professionals, of course, already know all this. But if you have been trying to find a piece of content to share with a family member that is *not* political, but does go over the facts of wearing a mask ... well, we hope this helps. Stay safe out there. Wear a mask and protect your fellow man. Look out for each other.


WHO Myths

Wearing a mask causes oxygen deficiency. -- Nope. -- Otherwise nurses and docs who wear masks for 8-12 hour surgeries would collapse.

Drinking alcohol prevents the coronavirus. -- No, but nice try. You might feel better about things, though.

Hot sauce and hot peppers protect you from getting Covid-19 -- No. Otherwise our ICU nurses would be injecting patients with 10 CCs of Cholula and epi-pens loaded with Tapatio. (Don't inject hot sauce, kids.)

5G causes Covid-19 -- No. -- But it might give you a better mobile signal to research facts from the WHO or CDC.

Extreme heat (or cold) kills the virus. -- Also no. Do not blast a blowdryer up your nose.

Injecting bleach or cleaning agents stops the virus. -- No. Unless you count that it will kill you. Do not do this.